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Unskilled General Labor

Labor to the Rescue is an employment agency in NYC that specializes in providing job opportunities in semi-skilled and unskilled general labor employment. We match employers and job applicants for unskilled labor jobs and semi skilled labor jobs in a variety of fields. Unskilled general labor employment does not require any specialized training or knowledge in order for the employee to perform the job. Semi skilled labor jobs and unskilled labor jobs are therefore ideal for anyone looking for entry level employment.

Unskilled Labor Jobs

Our employment agency provides employers and job applicants with everything they need to find the perfect match for unskilled general labor employment. The Labor to the Rescue Employment Agency provides assistance filling and finding unskilled labor jobs and semi-skilled labor jobs in areas such as:

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Parking & Valley


Personal Chef

Kitchen Assistant

Store Clerks

Stock Personnel

The benefit of working with the Labor to the Rescue employment agency is finding quick and efficient job placement services whether you are an employer or a job applicant. We were closely with employers to help find the perfect match for their unskilled general labor employment needs. Labor to the Rescue can match employers with job applicants on a flexible schedule, for both permanent and temporary work.


Our Job Placement Services


The Labor to the Rescue Job Placement Services are geared towards facilitating the matchmaking between job applicants and employers. We sort through resumes to help find the best match for any unskilled general labor employment opportunity. Our database of job applicants can help you find the perfect employee for any job description. Job applicants can enjoy speedy job placement services to help them get back to work as soon as possible.


Please Note: Labor to the Rescue does not provide background checks and screening for any unskilled general labor employment. Placing employees should be done at the discretion of the hiring agent.

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