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Temporary Staffing Services

Labor to the Rescue offers specialized temporary staffing services to companies that require personalized solutions in finding employees to fill short-term roles. Our temporary staffing services are geared towards businesses in need of temporary employees in a hurry. Labor to the Rescue is a  fully prepared  employment agency ready to procure short-term staff at short notice, perfect for completing projects on a tight deadline, an employee taking an unexpected emergency leave, or a sudden spike in company activity. The temporary staffing services at Labor to the Rescue are perfect whenever the need to quickly fulfill a role arises.

Because our employment agency serves a wide variety of industries, we are able to provide temporary labor to meet many different job requirements. Whether you are in need of overhauling a new shipment of inventory overnight, or a post-construction cleanup crew, the team at Labor to the Rescue can supply you with the resources you need to get the job done. Our database is full of skilled and experienced workers ready to assist you at a moment's notice. The Labor to the rescue hiring process is an intensive procedure that ensures clients of our temporary staffing services are set up with the best matches available. All of our candidates are thoroughly screened and evaluated for the right skills, attitude, and experience before being sent to work.

Our temporary staffing services offers employment in the following fields:

Labor to the Rescue always provides top quality professionals for every job. Clients of our temporary staffing services never have to worry about finding the right employees for the occasion. Our employment agency works around the clock to develop a repertoire of trusted individuals ready to take on any task. We work directly with companies to ensure that our temporary staffing services meet their needs, to provide them with the best possible candidates.

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