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Hiring for Unskilled Labor Jobs

Labor to the Rescue is an employment agency specializing in providing work in semiskilled and unskilled labor. Unskilled labor is any work that requires little to no training. Entry level jobs such as grocery clerk, painter, and housekeeper all qualify as unskilled labor. Our employment agency database is full of unskilled labor jobs and opportunities waiting to be filled, and we connect job seekers with employers every day.

Labor to the Rescue is licensed as an employment agency for unskilled labor and manual labor through the Department of Consumer Affairs. Using workers for unskilled labor from Labor to the Rescue means that our company acts as a matchmaker for employers to hire laborers as their own employees or independent contractors.

Employees and staff members found through Labor to the Rescue are not employees of our employment agency, but rather of the party doing the hiring. It is the responsibility of the hiring party to request any screening and background checks that may be desired. Therefore, the unskilled laborers from Labor to the Rescue are not licensed, bonded, or insured. Hiring is solely up to the client’s discretion. If you are interested in hiring staff that is licensed, bonded, and insured, please see our parent company Home Clean Home, which is fully responsible for the performance of the job.

By providing unskilled laborers at this level, Labor to the Rescue is able to offer competitive, and affordable, rates for all unskilled labor jobs provided. While the employment agency collects a one-time commission fee for the initial matchmaking, the unskilled laborers are then paid directly by the hiring party.

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