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Passover Cleaning Services!

Labor to the Rescue is teaming up with shomer shabbat cleaning company Home Clean Home to bring the best Passover Cleaning Services to NYC and the Tri-State Area. Getting ready for Pesach is a lot of work, and it can take weeks to complete the tasks, but the Labor to the Rescue and Home Clean Home Passover Cleaning Services can kosher your home for Pesach in a single day! Take a load off and start celebrating this festival of freedom early by letting us handle all the hard work for you.

Home Clean Home is a Jewish owned and operated cleaning company, that got its start offering Passover Cleaning Services to Brooklyn residents in the Jewish community over 20 years ago. Now, thanks to its outstanding cleanliness and unrivaled customer service, Home Clean Home has grown to the corporate level, offering a variety of services. All of Home Clean Home's many experiences have contributed to improving their Passover Cleaning Services to be even greater. By working together, Home Clean Home and Labor to the Rescue can expand our services even further, and ensure that everyone's home is kosher for Pesach in no time.

Services Include:

Chometz Removal Vacuum and Steam Cleaning

Cleaning the oven, sink, and cabinets

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Passover Car Cleaning

...and more!

Get ready for Pesach the right way with Labor to the Rescue and Home Clean Home! Our staff are rigorously trained in Passover Cleaning requirements, and pay the utmost attention to detail to make sure the job is done right. Not even a crumb will be left behind. We can even help you pack up, lock away, and/or sell your chometz in your efforts to prepare for Pesach and maintain a leaven-free home! Contact us today to set up an appointment, or to schedule a free consultation.

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