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Our Services

Labor to the Rescue is a staffing agency in NYC that holds an endless amount of resources available to job seekers and employers alike. We carefully review each resume we receive, and meticulously asses each and every job and its requirements in order to find the perfect match for employers and employees. This  thorough approach to employment services is why our staffing agency is able to provide top quality professionals in many different fields.

As an NYC staffing agency, we serve a variety of different industries as diverse as the city we represent. We offer employment services in NYC to those looking primarily for temporary work, unskilled or semi-skilled labor, and immediate employment solutions. We are one of very few staffing agencies in NYC whose employment services can quickly yield ready-to-work professionals, or find a job for somebody who needs immediate placement.

The Labor to the Rescue employment services give businesses and job seekers the ability to be adaptable in our unpredictable economy. Our number one goal as a staffing agency is to minimize gaps in productivity and keep NYC employed. We offer several staffing options to fulfill the unique needs of all of our clients. The employment services we offer are always flexible, and we strive to tailor our services to the satisfaction of every professional that we assist.

Our staffing agency provides business professionals with temporary labor solutions that have the potential to become full-time commitments. This option gives employers the ability to fill a position immediately, while still being able to try out or replace new staff members as needed. The Labor to the Rescue temp-to-hire solutions are perfect for job seekers looking for work in a company where they fit in well, and employers who who not have the time or resources to endure the grueling interview process. The temp-to-hire solution is the perfect way to evaluate whether a new job opening is necessary, while adjusting to a surge in workload. Save time and money with this low commitment, flexible staffing option.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

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