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Labor to the Rescue offers the most flexible personnel staffing services available. We carefully screen every applicant in our database compared to the job requirements in order to deliver the best qualified, ready to work employees. Our personnel staffing services team can fill a job vacancy at the drop of a hat.

The Labor to the Rescue personnel staffing services are the perfect solution to finding professionals who can fill gaps in your daily operations. Whether you need to fill a short-term or a long-term role, the Labor to the Rescue temporary personnel staffing services can help, even at a moment's notice.

Reasons an urgent need to fill a position may arise:

  • Employee is on medical leave for pregnancy, surgery, etc.

  • Employees taking vacations during an unexpected peak in operations

  • Seasonal trends that require extra manpower

  • High volume of tasks during company expansion

The Labor to the Rescue temporary personnel are versatile professionals who are prepared to take on variety of roles. Our staff can fit into any environment with ease, and fill support roles so efficiently that you just might want to hire them full-time!

Our personnel staffing solutions can fill positions such as:

  • Data Entry Professionals

  • Front Desk Receptionists

  • Call Center Representatives

  • Mail and Sorting Room Attendants

  • Executive and Personal Assistants

  • Bookkeepers and Accountants

  • Office Personnel

  • ...and many other professional roles.

Budgetary benefits of temporary personnel staffing:

Hiring temporary staff with Labor to the Rescue can reduced the costs of payroll expenses, taxation procedures, employee benefits, and workers' compensation. Our personnel staffing services also take a load off of the human resources deparment, which means thay can work more efficiently and focus their attention on their already tightly packed to-do lists.


Need to hire professional personnel for in a pinch? Send a staffing inquiry to the Labor to the Rescue team to quickly find and place professional personnel for any job requirement. Our applicant database is full of quality and experienced personnel from a variety of industries, ready to be staffed almost instantly. Whether you need someone with a specific skill set, such as being bilingual or knowing how to use a certain computer program, our team can help you find the perfect personnel to meet your needs. Labor to the Rescue can help you find a temporary fill-in with urgency, should an unexpected need arise. We can assist you in staffing personnel for a future or planned occasion. Let us know what you are looking for, and you might even be able to place someone that very day!

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