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Looking for work can be hard, but  Labor to the Rescue can help. Our employment agency offers job placement assistance to anyone looking for work, at all levels of experience. The Labor to the Rescue employment agency provides jobs in cleaning, construction, offices, and more, offering new opportunities every day. We help match job applicants with employers every day.


The Labor to the Rescue staffing services help connect people looking for work with the perfect job. We will review your skills and experience to help you find jobs where you will fit. Labor to the Rescue provides full-time, part-time, and temporary job placement assistance, offering staffing services that help people who are looking for work find employment opportunities almost immediately.


To get started looking for work with Labor to the Rescue, fill out an application online, or print one out and bring it to our office to apply. After reviewing your application, one of our representatives will help you find work with an employer that we think would match with you the best.

Looking for Work

Don’t hesitate! Contact us now!

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