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Job seekers should feel free to send us your resumes and apply for work, and one of our committed representatives will help match you with employment that fits your skill set. Labor to the Rescue serves a variety of industries, and offers assistance to people from many different backgrounds in finding work.


Looking for work? We can help!

After reviewing your application, a member of the Labor to the Rescue team will contact you with further instructions should a position that matches your credentials be available. The members of the Labor to the Rescue team are dedicated to connecting job seekers and applicants with the right type of employment based on their skills, experience, and what type of work they are looking for, so please provide us with as much information as possible in your application!

Contact Us!


Labor to the Rescue helps match employers with employees every day. Contact us  via our online application to get started.

Resources for Job Seekers

Fill out an application to be matched with a variety of employment opportunities.

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