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House cleaning is a great way to find immediate job placement, as the Labor to the Rescue housekeeping services are always in high demand. At Labor to the Rescue, we match homeowners with the perfect maids and housekeepers on a daily basis, providing house cleaners by the hour, by the day, or for regularly scheduled house cleaning services.



If you are looking for house cleaning work, simply fill out an online application, or bring your application to the office to take advantage of our staffing services. Give us as much information as possible about your house cleaning work experience, and a representative from Labor to the Rescue can assist you with job placement.


Home Owners:

Home owners in need of maids housekeeping services should contact us to find house cleaners immediately. Our database of house cleaning professionals is full of experienced individuals. Let us help you find the perfect match to suit your needs.

House Cleaning

Don’t hesitate! Contact us now!

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