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For one time gigs that require somebody with specialized skills and a creative touch, the Labor to the Rescue Freelance Staffing Services are the way to go. As a freelance employment agency, we have the dual purpose of matching people in need of creative labor with the most qualified individual, while also helping keep freelance workers employed. Our Freelance Staffing Services are ideal for people working in nightlife, interior decorating, fashion, or other creative industries. The Labor to the Rescue Freelance Staffing services can also be used in combination with our other employment agency services to keep business flowing like a well-oiled machine. Let our matchmaking team assist you in your search for the perfect freelance employment.

Whether you've just moved, are organizing a celebratory event, or just need to spruce things up around the house, Labor to the Rescue can connect you to the right creative professionals. As a freelance employment agency, we work within creative industries to anyone assist in finding individuals who specialize in closet solutions, home decoration, and atmospheric design for larger events - whatever you need to create the perfect indoor aesthetic.

If you are hosting a party or other special event, and you need a solid team to create and maintain the perfect atmosphere throughout the evening, put in a freelance staffing request with us. Our freelance employment agency can put together the right staff for any occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, or gallery events. Simply let us know what type of atmosphere you are looking to create, and the Labor to the Rescue freelance staffing team will provide you with the best candidates.

The fashion industry encompasses a broad variety of specialized skills and labor requirements. Running a fashion show requires many hands on deck to dress models, keep track of inventory, and pack up after the show. Or, perhaps you are looking for a seamstress to sew up the perfect wedding or prom dress. Everyone from stylists, to technical designers are in our creative employment database, making our agency the best solution for the fashion industry's hiring needs.

Interior Decorators and Professional Organizers

Fashion Industry Staffing Services

Hosts, Bartenders, and Servers

We also hire:

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Personal Chefs

  • Bloggers/Writers

  • Makeup Artists/Hair Stylists

  • Event Photographers

  • Graphic/Web Designers

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