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Direct Placement Services

The Labor to the Rescue direct placement services are the perfect solution for companies who need to hire a more permanent staff but have limited human resources available. When the workload is high and available labor is scarce, posting job listings and interviewing may not be a viable option. Get the best assistance possible in finding a permanent staffing solution quickly with the direct placement services at Labor to the Rescue.

Looking for a new employee can be tough. Sorting through resumes and screening prospective workers is no easy task. With our direct placement services, the Labor to the Rescue staff can do all the difficult leg work for you, carefully evaluating candidates and selecting only the finest of the bunch. We will asses every resume with the utmost detail, and send top quality professionals who are already prepared to start working directly to you.

Benefits of our Direct Placement Services:

  • Assistance in screening candidates in order to find the most experienced and qualified employees

  • Supplements HR when there are limited hiring resources within your company

  • Saves time and money on the lengthy hiring process

  • Fast and reliable placement of ready-to-work professionals

Hiring a permanent staff is a time-consuming and expensive process that can very quickly eat up a company's resources and drastically slow down productivity. All the time and energy spent on searching for permanent staffing solutions would better serve if directed towards getting things done. That's where Labor to the Rescue comes in. Screening resumes and evaluating candidates is our full-time operation, we have plenty of resources and experience to pick the perfect employees to join your staff. Our direct placement services make finding a permanent staffing solution simple.

When you invest in direct placement services with Labor to the Rescue, you can rest assured that your company is in the right hands. We always strive to understand our clients and the requirements of the jobs they are trying to fill so that we can match them with the most suited employees. Our team will thoroughly get to know you and your company, so that we can virtually mirror your hiring process and send you well-prepared professionals who can blend in seamlessly with your staff. With Labor to the Rescue handling your permanent staffing needs, you will be able to put your focus back on driving your business to success.

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